Near-Field Optics and Surface Plasmon Polaritons (Topics in Applied Physics)

Near-Field Optics and Surface Plasmon Polaritons (Topics in Applied Physics)This book describes in detail the physics of localized surface plasmon polaritons excited near fine metallic structures and the principles of near-field optics and microscopy related to this localized field. It covers not only near-field optical microscopy but also wider fields such as local spectroscopy, nanoscale optical processing, quantum near-field optics, and atom manipulation….

Near-Field Nano-Optics (Lasers, Photonics, and Electro-Optics)

Near-Field Nano-Optics (Lasers, Photonics, and Electro-Optics)The book describes recent progress of near-field optical science and technology. The title of the book implies capabilities of optical near-field not only for imaging/microscopy but also for fabrication/manipulation/processing in nanometric scale. The authors introduce the differences between near-field optics and far-field optics from both an experimental and theoretical perspective. The book touches on a wide range of topics in near-field optic…